Lunch Session // The Law Offices of Eric M. Sarver, Crystal Brook Advisors, LLC

  • Impact Bazaar, 5th Floor 394 Broadway New York, NY, 10013 United States

Protecting Your Business and Yourself: A Financial, Legal and Planning Perspective 

Eric Sarver, Esq (The Law Offices of Eric M. Sarver), in conjunction with Peter Creedon and Inger Kvalvik (Crystal Brook Advisors, LLC) will be discussing the following legal and financial topics for you and your business:

-- Learn about the federal and state law criteria, when hiring different types of workers for your business or non-profit (from unpaid interns and volunteers to employees and independent contractors). Further discussion includes what to do if / when your business must obtain Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage, Unemployment Insurance, and so forth. 

-- Learn about  financial planning and financial protection of your business, your assets and yourself:  401(k)'s, retirement planning, insurance benefit plans for your workers, and related topics to ensure your financial health."