Workshop // Best for NYC

  • Impact Bazaar, 5th Floor 394 Broadway New York, NY, 10013 United States

Paid workshop

Workshop Price: $10

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Attend a Best for NYC workshop to take the Challenge! You will receive one-on-one support to complete the Challenge, information on exclusive programs and services, and networking opportunities with like minded businesses. Bring your laptop to the workshop! There is a $10 admission fee at the door for the workshop.

Best for NYC is a city-wide campaign and set of business tools and services that equips businesses to measure and improve their impact on workers, community, and the environment. 

The first step to participating is to take a free, confidential 20-minute Challenge online.  Upon completing the Challenge, you’ll learn ways to improve your business practices and gain access to free, local tools and services. Also, completing the Challenge will qualify you to participate in a city-wide marketing campaign that will increase your visibility and promote your business.

We look forward to helping you join thousands of businesses that have already taken the first step to measuring their impact.  By completing this Challenge, you are promoting your business values and competing to be not only the best in New York City, but the best for New York City.

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