($) Workshop // Consuming Earth to Death… and How We Can Stop, Tim Keating, Rainforest Relief

  • Impact Bazaar, 5th Floor 394 Broadway New York, NY, 10013 United States

Price: $25
Register: http://bit.ly/1QuVp3Q

In this workshop, Tim Keating exposes the truth behind material overconsumption in the United States and globally. As 6% of Earth’s human population, people living in the U.S. consume 30–35% of the world’s human-converted energy and materials and produce 35% of human-caused pollution. What drove this unsurpassed demand? More importantly, what can we do about it?

Consuming Earth to Death provides a unique perspective on solutions to our globally-catastrophic demand. Can we continue to use materials at this rate? What are the most damaging materials? What are the most Earth-destructive aspects of our modern lives? How do we step off the treadmill of work/spend/overconsumption/Earth-destruction and innovate a different path? What is the role of business in this demand and what role can startups play in turning this ship around, creating more well-being and more and better jobs with less stuff?