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Workshop // Squarespace Customers Stories: Lovably & Weekly Meal NYC

From food trucks to libraries, some of our customers have remarkable, nonprofit missions. In collaboration with Impact Bazaar, we're showcasing their stories, so you can learn how they leveraged Squarespace to bring their impactful ideas to life. Lasting 45 - 90 minutes, each session consists of a presentation followed by a Q&A. 

Reservations for Customer Stories will be posted a week before the event here.

This week: 

New York-based creative studio Lovably Inc. offers free web design services to nonprofits. Their focus is to spread ideas that are both multi-cultural and timeless through thoughtful, functional, and lovable design.

Weekly Meal NYC
Weekly Meal is a growing, nonprofit project founded by Samara Herman and Dylan Seeger. They make and hand-deliver fresh, healthy, and tasty meals to the homeless every evening.